a new year

i dont know what to expect

the time has been passing me by

but with you it’s spent so well

and i love every minute of it

you were a wonderful surprise

The brightside

God blessed me with a high tolerance for pain. Guess I was built for heartache.


My heart seems to have taken a trip to Alaska, so excuse me as I go numb.

Well, I guess there truly is a brightside to everything, like having a high tolerance for pain, a sense of optimism, great friends, and a loving family.

But i still have hopes that we’ll find our way together again. And maybe that’s just me trying to be optimistic, but your something wonderful and I’ll always believe in you. If it doesn’t happen, atleast we tried and and loved while we were together. I just hope you find your light soon

A dash of Doubt with a splash of Worry and a sprig of Guilt: Life’s drink of poison
Yellow Right Angle

I wish I was a color in a field of flowers or a line in a busy city. Just a place where I can be a part of something worthwhile and exist with no worries.

Dear Cookie-Cutter Life,

you’re such a tease, haven’t you heard? 

we’ve made it this far,

through Hurt and Happiness. 

oh, how they tug and pull at us inside

when Reality likes to hide the measuring cups 

So the Good and Bad get out of hand 

leaving it to us to guess and make a mess 

who ever found the recipe for Perfection?

who hasn’t wished it could be that easy..

Dear Self & Others,

if life is lived by the strong hearted, then your aim should be set at gold.

no matter how hard your mind will try to tease you with

its turn around games and second guesses.

Refuse to live in apathy

because passion is what should drive you

and let ambition be the fuel.

This is a statement from a soul

that is suppressed by a mind.

To find balance is the goal

and this can only be reached through feeling and love

backed up by knowledge and understanding

now make a vow,

to live on.

these days.

my birthday is around the corner. bout to be an 18 year old. i should be excited or something, but im not really looking forward to it. not sure why. i’m not afraid of growing up. or maybe i am. i just don’t feel like its real. i feel like i’m wating for this big change to slap me in the face but it will never come. i miss my friends. and how we use to just hang out and have fun doing the silliest things. i wish we could have that again. i miss the togetherness. thats what im scared of. the drifting away. but all in all. im thankful to have had such great memories with such wonderful people. my friends are my everything. its time to let that change slap me in the face. there too many things to look forward to than to let thoughts get you down, gotta keep moving.


today i remembered a conversation that occurred months ago.

it was between my friend and i.

i had this idea about different realities.

how maybe if everyone believed in the same thing

it will manifest itself

and become the reality.

it popped in my head again today because i saw the movie inception

and it was so amazing

its so… to put it simply, just fun just trying to wrap your mind around it

about the dreams and the layers

i was thinking how once you get an idea in your mind

it can just go in circles and circles

and become consuming somehow

thats what the movie makes me think of


they never end

its infinite

its like he got caught within the dreams, the ideas of these dreams

its a truly wonderful thing how christopher nolan, (am not sure if he came up with this idea?)

but the progression of each scene just blew my mind

and how in a way it didn’t even progress

best stuff ever! gotta love mind bogglers c: